ZoorgMedia: Services

(As of Jan-Mar 2021)

Lyric Video:  Currently Unavailable

Price: £250-£500 - This is dependent on the idea being easy to produce or not.

Time taken to make: 2 Months+ Once again it depends on the complexity of the idea.

These are currently unavailable as most lyric videos require more than one VFX artist, something we don’t constantly have available. Which means currently the only lyric videos you will occasionally see are ZoorgMedia made ones on our YouTube channel. 

https://youtu.be/GS4s-Y5HQrA - Juice WRLD - I Want It (Lyric Video)

15 Second Looped Visualiser: Available

Price: £60+ - If you want the loop duration to be longer the price will increase accordingly. Also if it’s a 3D visualiser the price increases to support the 3D Models purchased. We try to find free ones, but if we can’t we will purchase one, which will mean the price will increase.

Time taken to make: 1-2 Weeks - These tend to be made sooner depending on how complex the idea is, or if we have to make any changes according to what you want your visualizer to look like.

https://youtu.be/r6H8D9V9ff4 - Lil Priyan - 100K (Official Visualizer)


Please read:

We believe our prices are a fair reflection of the quality of the services we provide. As ZoorgMedia grows as a brand, prices are subject to change, this tends to be because our experience increases along with the demand for the service.

We only accept either the full price upfront or half the price upfront along with the rest after the product has been made. If you don’t like the product we have made, it's no problem if you ask for a full refund. We will provide you with one.

We reserve the right to not accept services if we feel that we aren’t capable of fulfilling the client's requests and expectations. If money has been exchanged we will provide you with a full refund.

Services will have a watermark over them until you have paid us.